Welcome to My Climate Story

Youth from across BC have unique stories about how they are being impacted by climate change in their communities – and what they’re doing about it. At the Fraser Basin Council, we believe that meaningful involvement of youth in climate change solutions is critical and that storytelling is a powerful way to showcase how BC youth are experiencing and addressing climate change in their communities.

My Climate Story is a web platform designed to be used as a learning platform to empower and give voice to youth who are concerned about climate change, as well as government agencies who may be new to engaging youth in climate action. Our goal is to inspire urgent action by showing how climate change impacts young people here and now, and to highlight their efforts in finding solutions.


Your story matters, and you already know enough about climate change to make a difference. If you are a youth aged 16-30, or are a government agency who has successfully engaged youth, we want to hear from you. How has your life has changed because of climate change? Are you or a friend doing great work? Do you have a great story about youth engagement in decision making? Send us your story, or to get involved in My Climate Story on social media, use one of these questions to inspire your response:

  • Why do you care about climate change?
  • What do you want your climate-friendly future to look like?
  • Where have you seen solutions that give you hope?

You can share your story on social media using the hashtag #myclimatestory and tagging us @fbcyouthprogram, email us at youth@fraserbasin.bc.ca, or fill out the form below if you are interested in having your story as a part of the story map.

Here are a few tips to help your story get heard:

  • Make it personal and give it some emotion
  • Keep it positive and share a solution
  • Tag your friends and tag us: @FBCYouthProgram,  #myclimatestory
  • Be sure to mention myclimatestory.ca

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